My Ultimate Favorite Brunch Spot

I have been to restaurants and brunches specifically all over the city, but I went to one a few months ago that stood out among all of the others.

Located in NOHO, Il Buco is an Italian restaurant known for their homemade goods. When I went there, I sat outside with my family while we sipped on lattes on a sunny day. Nothing gets better than that.

There are two Il Buco restaurants in the city, the one that I went to was called the Alimentari & Vineria, and their other location is one block over. Both serve a full menu, so whether you are in the mood for more of an old Italian olive and cheese shop aesthetic or a more traditional restaurant feel, both options are less than a five-minute walk apart.

Inside the Alimentari & Vineria restaurant, the setting is so cozy, the tables are old farm tables, and they have tons of antique wood furniture. You feel like you are stepping into a restaurant straight out of Italy. They really nailed the whole ambiance. There is a coffee bar inside, where you can buy their homemade bread, cheese, and various meats. My family took home an olive loaf, some salami, and some cheese on multiple different trips to this location, all of which was delicious.

The first time I went there for brunch I ordered the avocado toast with scrambled eggs. This meal was so simple yet so delicious.

My family also ordered the Bucatini Cacio e Pepe which is a pasta topped with parmigiano reggiono, pecorino and black pepper. They got the Caprese and a few salads as well. No complaints and the urge to order everything on the menu because of how good the things we got were.

my dad described his experience as:

“the decor, the server, and the menu all seemed authentic, approachable Italian.”

Overall, this has to be my favorite spot in the city, whether you are looking for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

My family and I will be coming here again and again.

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  1. Paul F Blauert says: Reply

    Sounds good – let’s go there next time we come to New York

    Paul Blauert

  2. Ooo I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for the rec!

  3. Gretchen L schultz says: Reply

    I have such fond memories eating at Alimentari & Vineria with my family this fall. Sprinkling a bit of raw sugar on top of my latte took me back to our trips to Tuscany. The food was delicious and the wait staff, especially Gianna, was friendly, polite and knowledgable.

    The inside of the restaurant is so quaint. Make sure to go upstairs and check out the outdoor patio – so inviting.

    I will definitely go back again…A MUST!!!

  4. Sounds like a great place, let’s go for brunch there next time i’m in nyc!


  5. It sounds like a must when I am in town next!

    1. Heidi Gracely says: Reply

      This makes me want to travel to NYC! The avocado toast breakfast looks amazing and a must try. I love a good coffee in a charming cafe. I will definitely be visiting Alimentari & Vineria Next time I’m in the city.

  6. Sandra Blauert says: Reply

    Oh my goodness…i can’t wait to try that restaurant…makes me hungry just reading about it

  7. Heidi Maxwell says: Reply

    Wow! I pictured everything as you shared it. We love New York and will definitely be trying this spot on our next visit. You sold me on the Avacado toast!

    1. Ashlyn Schultz says: Reply

      Having been to this restaurant I can vouch that everything is delicious. The ambience is impeccable and the service is incredible too. You can tell that the food and drinks they offer are made with love.

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