The Best Places to Brunch in the City (According to a Dining Fanatic)

One of my good friends and fellow food bloggers, Michael Dhom sat down with me to talk about his favorite brunch experiences in the city.

His blog, Dining in NYC (linked at the end of post) follows him along as he dines across NYC and reflects on his favorite experiences. Known for his reviews of fine dining, he also gives great advice on dining during COVID-19, and has a recommendation for almost every type of cuisine one could be interested in.

I asked him what his top three brunch spots are in the city, and keep in mind, Michael is a big fine diner.

His go-to brunch spot in the city is Crown Shy, which is located in the Financial District.

When I asked him what is favorite things to order are, he replied:

The french toast and the pastry platter- its a doughnut, a cinnamon bun, and banana bread.” 

His next best option is a place called Sant Ambroeus, and has a few locations throughout the city, but the best one is in West Village.

The ricotta pancakes are great, the omelette is really good as well.” 

I have also been to this location of Sant Ambroeus before and I loved it! I got a latte and the Chicchirichi panini, which had chicken salad, artichokes, carrots, celery, spinach and lemon zest inside.

The third place that he recommended is called Coco Bistro, a french restaurant in Seaport.

“I love their french toast, their rose is also very good. The coco fries are great, and one of my friends got the coco burger and thoroughly enjoyed it.” 

When I asked him about his process for finding a brunch spot in the city he replied with:

I either do a google search or I look in books, but if I do a google search, i’ll narrow it down by location, type of food, and price point. I only look for trusted reviews, and then I will look the restaurant up on social media and look at pictures.

I generally only take recommendations from people who I know know food, or from Michelin Guide.” 

To read more about Michael’s blog or find even more recommendations, check out his blog with the link below!

3 Replies to “The Best Places to Brunch in the City (According to a Dining Fanatic)”

  1. Paul F Blauert says: Reply

    Good topic – word of mouth is the best advertising

    Paul F. Blauert

  2. Gretchen L schultz says: Reply

    I know and respect Michael Dhom for his excellent taste in food. I have visited several restaurants he has recommended and I now have three more restaurants to try as well. I am most excited to try the fries at Coco Bistro and I hope Michael will tag along.

  3. Sandra Blauert says: Reply

    We’ll for sure take his advice next time we get to NYC, and try all three.

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