How to Find the Perfect Brunch Spot

Living in (or just visiting) New York and trying to find new restaurants is both fun and challenging. There are endless amounts of options to choose from, so it can be nice getting a little help in finding a place to eat.

Almost everywhere I have eaten in the city has either been recommenced by a friend, someone on the internet, or it has been a place that I have walked by and wanted to try.

I don’t believe that there is any right or wrong way to find a new spot in the city.

This last Friday, I went with two of my friends, per their recommendation, to Melt Shop. There are multiple locations all over the city, and my friend Abigail was telling me that this is her and her mom’s favorite place to go when they are near Rockefeller Center. However, this time we went to the one in the Financial District.

I always LOVE trying places that my friends recommend, and I thoroughly enjoyed the food here! They have a great selection (which can be eaten for lunch or dinner), of sandwiches, burgers, salads, tater tots, and chicken tenders.

I got the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup, and my friend Abigail got the grilled cheese with bacon, as well as the loaded tater tots. My friend Greta got the shop tots, which are topped with Parmesan cheese and herbs. We all loved what we ordered!

Yesterday, I took two of my other friends to the place in chinatown (I mentioned in another blog post). We Citi-biked there, and we had delicious dumplings. I found this place off of the app Tiktok, per someone else’s recommendation, and now my two friends have been recommended to this place by me!

So when you are looking for a new restaurant to try, it would be my recommendation to either find it on your own while you are wandering around the city, or take recommendations from your friends or different social media platforms. I have honestly never been disappointed from going somewhere that someone else suggested, and would hope to hear them say the same for me!

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  1. Paul F Blauert says: Reply

    looks good

    Paul F. Blauert

  2. Gretchen L schultz says: Reply

    Well, I LOVE tots, Napoleon. I really love tater tots and am so excited to try the Melt Shop. I guess I’ll have to go several times to try their different flavors of tots.

  3. Elizabeth Blauert says: Reply

    I love the idea of biking to the restaurant

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