10 of the Best Brunch Blogs You Need to Read

1. The Blonde Abroad: This is a great site to check out if you are traveling to a new place, or are alone and looking to try new things! Run by a young California native, the author Kiki travels all over the world and writes about her new and crazy experiences.

She has one specific post called “Where to Find the Best Brunch in Manhattan,” where she lists 13 of the best brunch places in the city. I love her list and completely agree with her selections!


2. The VIP List: My personal favorite restaurant review platform, run by two women living in The Big Apple. Gaining their following of over 200 thousand on TikTok, they are known for their short but sweet video reviews of all different types of restaurants in the city.

If you are thinking of going to a restaurant and want to be advised on what to order, they have probably made a TikTok about it.


3. NYC Brunch Babe: With an Instagram following of over 11 thousand, Erika the New Yorker takes herself all over the city trying new restaurants and food, and telling us what she thinks while also taking mouth-watering photos.


4. Brunchaholic: A beloved Black-owned and women-owned blog, with over 16 thousand Instagram followers. This blogger takes amazing photos of her favorite restaurants with unique interiors and sometimes even more unique foods.

One of her most recent posts was about Pier 17, which previously had the Greens, but with the colder weather has transformed into reservation ready personal little cabins. The best part about this place is the view!!


5. The Brunch Guy: Another blogger with a large TikTok following, he writes posts about the best Black-owned places to brunch, the best place for a bottomless brunch, or the best places to eat based on the kind of cuisine.


6. NYC Brunch Bible: This is a lesser-known Instagram brunch poster, but the content is amazing. The visuals on the page are professional looking and perfectly show off an amazing meal. 


7. The Infatuation: Your one-stop shop guide or “brunch directory,” with “All the best brunch places in NYC, all in one place.” A list with over 280 brunch spots across the city, all with high recommendations.


8. Top Brunch Spots: A whole website dedicated to brunch, what else could you want. With a list of 53 places to try in New York City. The descriptions of each of the restaurants are short but sweet, and include all the information you could want on your next brunch outing.


9. Secret NYC: A website with some of the most underrated and underground brunch spots in the city. They made a list of 10 amazing brunch places you should try in NYC.


10. Spoon University: A website where the posts are written by different students. A student at Bucknell University wrote a post on the best 38 places, with an opening quote of “As Blair Waldorf once said, ‘Have a little faith, and if that doesn’t work, have a lot of mimosas.'” And who can argue with that?


So you really have no excuse not to try to find a new brunch place for your weekend plans. Continue to follow along as I go to some of these beloved brunch restaurants in an amazing city with endless opportunities for a meal.

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  1. Paul F Blauert says: Reply

    definitely going to check out the Brunch Babe’s recommendation for delicious rolls


  2. Elizabeth Blauert says: Reply

    Thanks for the great info!

  3. Elizabeth Blauert says: Reply

    Thanks for the great info, excited to visit NYC and try some of these out.

  4. Sandra Blauert says: Reply

    I love the pictures. It always helps to see when ordering in a restaurant that you haven’t been there before.

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