Come to Brunch with Me!

I went to the Hole in the Wall Cafe today with my friend Michael who is also a college student with a dining blog in the city! (

We overall loved the atmosphere and ambiance of the cute little restaurant tucked away on Cliff St in the Financial District.

Michael ordered a hot chocolate which he said was “gas,” or in other terms means it was really good.

I really enjoyed their avocado toast which was toasted perfectly and topped with fresh avocado, pickled shallots, amazing feta cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and a poached egg. (although they initially forgot to put in the order for this, it was still worth the wait!)

Michael enjoyed a toasted bagel topped with scrambled eggs. He also got a side of hash browns, fries, and a Belgian waffle. 

Overall, we both really enjoyed this brunch in the cozy little corner cafe that was covered with plants and art. Known for their Australian influence, Hole in the Wall Cafe was a very enjoyable Thursday brunch!!

Enjoy the video below for a look into my brunch experience today!


♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

Hole in the Wall Cafe ($$)

3 Replies to “Come to Brunch with Me!”

  1. Paul F Blauert says: Reply

    looks good – I’m going to make a route and go through Manhattan eating – then diet when I get back home


  2. Elizabeth Blauert says: Reply

    I’m going to join Paul Blauert on his journey

  3. Sandra Blauert says: Reply

    Well I guess I’ll need to you. Paul, Betsy and you, Ireland, to check out The Hole in the Wall

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