A Casual (and Organic) Brooklyn Breakfast

If you are near or interested in going to the Park Slope area in Brooklyn, I would recommend stopping by Lively Brooklyn right by Prospect Park.

I went here with my roommate around this time last year, and we really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and amazing food.

Everything on the menu is made from organic food and you can’t go wrong! They have a great variety of homemade juices and gluten free items.

This was more of a relaxed brunch spot, as we sat on a couple benches and grabbed our food from the bar when it was ready.

my roommate Sophia!

I had the avocado toast which came on gluten free bread (you could hardly tell), and it was packed with flavor. Avocado toast is a classic, and they had a fun and different take on it.

My roommate got the Green Energy Smoothie (coconut milk, purified water, banana, kale, spinach, and lemon) which was full of flavor and tasted super healthy.

She also got the Tropical green smoothie bowl, which consisted of coconut water, almond milk, spinach, kale, pineapple and banana all blended together and topped with chia seeds, blueberries, bee pollen and some gluten free granola. This bowl was so delicious and the topping really added that extra crunch and flavor.

almond butter toast (top) smoothie bowl (middle) avocado toast (bottom)

The last thing she got was the almond butter toast which was a slice of gluten free bread (again you can’t even tell), topped with house-made almond butter, whipped coconut yogurt, buckwheat and fresh banana. This was the perfect opposite of the avocado toast and had the ideal sweet and savory combination.

We really loved this place and felt so cozy sitting here we didn’t want to leave! With all the wood furniture, green plants, and white back splash and accents, it gave off such fun vibes. We would definitely come back here again!!

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  1. Another great sounding place and recommendation for organic food. I would most likely visit “Lively Brooklyn”
    for lunch and order it “to go” enjoying the meal at Prospect Park.

  2. Love this post! I am a huge fan of Avocado Toast. I always respect restaurants that serve high quality gluten free options (without the gritty texture that seems all too common in gluten free breads). Seems like Lively is worth a visit.

  3. This food sounds like it would be heavenly. I would like to try this definitely as some of the ingredients are foreign to me. I will definitely visit this restaurant, especilly since the atmosphere sounds so cozy.

  4. OMG this picture lol

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